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Help us to change lives!

We want to change 2700 seriously ilI children and their families life in 2023.

Help us to bring them the healing power of playing of our offline and online programs



New international research proves: We change lives!

SeriousFun Children’s Network International Camp Association which Bátor Tábor is proud member of, and the American Institutes for Research® joint study found that more than 80 percent of those who participate in therapeutical recreation program as seriously ill children are positively influenced by camp experiences.

Bátor Tábor launches Digital Camp website

We launched in April our Digital home camp, aiming to help children fighting chronical diseases through online. This summer, the program culminates with the launch of a microsite, an online knowledge bank gathering a repertoir of games, ideas based on our therapeutical recreation methodology.

How to transform a crisis into an opportunity?

In the past few days and presumably in the coming weeks as well, we are facing challenges that are unprecedented in our life. Hereby, Schumicky Júlia, the psychologist of Bátor Tábor shares her thoughts and pieces of advice.

Our Mission

We change lives.

Since 2001 Bátor Tábor, the ‘camp of courage’ is dedicated to provide life-changing experiences to seriously ill children and their families, and also to those families who have suffered the loss of a child. We bring laughter and joy to the hospital beds and through our online programs within the walls of the children’s home with the purpose to give strength and courage in difficult situations through play and fun.

As the therapeutic recreation center of the Central European region, we hold programs in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. To international sessions in Hungary we welcome campers from the other 3 mentioned country, also volunteers from all around the globe.

We believe that the sun always shines above the clouds.

About Bátor Tábor

The essence of the programs

We offer all kinds of challenges our campers can take, thus providing them the chance to experience a sense of success and to gain self-confidence.

We are international

As the therapeutic recreation center of the Central European region we create life-changing experiences 4 countries: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and The Czech Republic.

Our programs are free

All of our programs are free of charge. Those who are affected can participate in the healing experiences regardless of their financial or social status.

We are SeriousFun

We are a member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network camp association, founded by Paul Newman in 1988.

Power of volunteering

All of the camps, hospital and online programs are organized with the help of volunteers.

The campsite

Our own camp site in Hatvan, Hungary can accommodate 246 people

Safety comes first

In all our offline and online programs, the physical and mental safety of the participants is our top priority. We provide full medical and nursing care in the camp.

Support us!

Help us restarting the childhood!

We change lives. Help us in our mission!

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An adventure that
you will remember in your whole life.

We organise therapeutic recreation programs Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and in The Czech Republic for seriously ill children to give them life-changing experiences.

In the meantime the lives of our volunteers might change too.  They become part of a vibrant community where about 100 people from different background work together for the same goal. This make them learn a lot about themselves, about their own boundaries, and just like our campers they realise that they are heroes. This is how we change the world together.

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“There are no problems in Bátor Tábor. And if there are some, we will solve them together, hand in hand. Bátor Tábor is like a family where there is no prejudice or hatred. Bátor Tábor is a miracle!”

– a camper from The Czech Republic

“Here I have learned that fear should never lead you, but courage!”

a camper from Poland

“We can finally be in a place for a few days where no one thinks that we are different, just because we have an ill child. We are able to feel happy for everything.”

a camper parent from Hungary


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