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I have never seen my kids happier as here, in the camp – a letter from our Family Camp

A mother of 2 wrote us a beautiful letter what they experienced in our Family Camp.

I have never seen my kids happier as here, in the camp.

When I think about Bátor Tábor, it makes me feel strong, powerful emotions what are locked in my heart forever. At the end of the Family Camp, I felt, that I have to think through my life: I love my job, but here I learnt, that I can act like a kid sometimes, and it is totally OK 🙂 I learnt, how I can play or be present in my kids’ life calmly – without thinking about the illness and stressing out. I have experienced that I should pay attention to others more. That I am not alone. I can be truly happy and be happy for others successes and achievements. I can laugh together with strangers.

We, as a family have received such experiences what we never could elsewhere.

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to meet the wonderful volunteers of Bátor Tábor. I will never forget them. They changed my life and, with all of my heart I wish them every joy what can be experienced.