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Camp Volunteering

Being a Bátor Tábor volunteer is an adventure that you will remember in your entire life. With the help of our volunteers, we provide life-changing experiences for those kids and teens who fight against some oncological, chronic, or other serious disease on our beautiful campsite in Hatvan, Hungary

In the meantime the lives of our volunteers (Cimboras, as we call them, meaning friend/buddy) might change too. They become part of a vibrant community where about 100 people with different background work together for the same goal. This makes them learn a lot about themselves, about their own boundaries, and just like our campers they realise that they are heroes too. This is how we change the world together.

If you haven’t been our volunteer yet, there are more steps to follow in the application. Read what you should do and when for starting your adventure of a lifetime!

How can I apply?

Thank you for your inquiry

Sadly, we are unsure when can we organize our English-speaking International Camp Session again in the future.

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer in our organization, and you live in Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia or Poland, please reach us out at

Who are we looking for?

Volunteers at Bátor Tábor camp sessions are known as Cimboras which means friend/buddy in Hungarian. There are Cottage, Programe, Interpreter, and Medical Cimboras in one session. Each of them is trained to do their own specific job and they keep their positions during the camp. Here you can read more about who is doing what, and what a „typical day at camp” looks like.

More info


How long is a Summer Camp? Do I have to speak Hungarian? Do I have to have some medical knowledge? I don’t have much experience with children. Can I still apply? Here you can find the answers for the frequently asked questions!