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New international research proves: We change lives!

SeriousFun Children’s Network International Camp Association which Bátor Tábor is proud member of, and the American Institutes for Research® joint study found that more than 80 percent of those who participate in therapeutical recreation program as seriously ill children are positively influenced by camp experiences.

Bátor Tábor launches Digital Camp website

We launched in April our Digital home camp, aiming to help children fighting chronical diseases through online. This summer, the program culminates with the launch of a microsite, an online knowledge bank gathering a repertoir of games, ideas based on our therapeutical recreation methodology.

How to transform a crisis into an opportunity?

In the past few days and presumably in the coming weeks as well, we are facing challenges that are unprecedented in our life. Hereby, Schumicky Júlia, the psychologist of Bátor Tábor shares her thoughts and pieces of advice.

“If I can not accept it, neither I can defeat it”

Bátor Tábor has participated in an academic research of the University of Utah in cooperation with ACA (American Camp Association) which shows several life-long positive effects of our camps’.

Is this Really Life-changing?

Understanding the effects of our camps on campers and their families, as well as the mechanisms through which related changes occur, is critical to ensure all children have the best experience possible and that newly built resiliency skills last beyond camp.