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Don’t forget the 1% of your tax!

Until Tuesday, May 21 you can live with a once in a year opportunity: you can offer the 1% of your personal income tax for a good cause!

Bátor Tábor provides unforgattable experiences, a new family, a countless smiles and friendship for children and teenager who lives with a chronic or serious illness. On the programs of Bátor Tábor no one feels like an outsider, everyone is equally valuable, and families affected by illness are not alone. We not only shape a week in the lives of children but also forever change it, empowering them to believe that anything is possible.

Children diagnosed with severe, chronic illnesses face many challenges. They spend months in the hospital isolated from their families and friends. However, through Brave Camp’s free programs, they find strength for healing and confidence for life. Each year, they help over 3,000 sick children and their families! Your support is needed to continue their work so that more seriously ill children can experience healing moments!

We need your support in our mission: don’t forget to offef tor Bátor Tábor the 1% of your personal income tax. The deadline this year is: 21th May!

You can read more (in Hungarian) about how to donate 1% of your taxes here.