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Our Team

We introduce our international team, who work with their expertise and commitment in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and in the Czechia, to change the lives of as many seriously ill children as possible.


Katalin Nagy

International Program Director

Julianna Vargyas-Tóth

Program Manager – School Outreach Program

Nikolett Vass

Program Manager – Camp Programs

Anett Zsákai-Kis

Program Manager – GO! Program

Valentina Doma

Program Coordinator – Camp Programs

Laura Kertész

Program Coordinator – GO! Program

Mariann Kovácsevics

International Program Manager

Erika Posztós

Program Coordinator – Camp Programs

Gellért Simon

Head of Volunteer Recruitment and Training

Hanna Somogyi

Program Coordinator – School Outreach Program

Eszter Derda


Magdaléna Szombati

Program Coordinator – School Outreach Program

Noémi Fazekas

Volunteer Coordinator

Réka Marozs

Volunteer Coordinator

Mariann Németh

Program Coordinator – Camp Programs

Tamás Kálovics, MD

Medical Director

Angelika Szabó

Head Nurse

Katalin Horváthné Kardos


Ágnes Csicsely

Head of Camper Recruitment

Emese Balog

Camper Recruiter

Zsuzsa Gubicza-Brezsán

Camper Recruiter

Erna Kindli

CEO – Bátor Tábor international

Tamás Knecht


Gábor Almási

Chief Financial Officer

Beáta Lechner

HR Manager

Blanka Tokár

Finance Manager

Izisz Malek

Officel Manager

Katalin Magyar


Andrea Szabó

Director of Fundraising and Marketing

Mónika Joó

International Event Manager

Zsófia Vérten

Fundraiser – Corporate Fundraising

Fanny Benke

Digital Marketing Manager

Linda Cseh

Project Manager

Zsófia Domián-Varga

Event Manager

Tünde Füzérné Fekete

Costumer Service Manager

Anikó Moldván-Mózes

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Nóra Nagy

Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

György Osváth

Donor Engagement Manager

Katinka Géczy

Event Manager

Éva Fodor-Kovács

Head of Communications

Éva Nagy

Manager of Communications

Orsolya Hering

Manager of Communications

Zsófia Renczésová

Manager of Communications

Rita Reisinger

Facility Manager

Eszter Hatvani

Deputy Director of Facility Management

Ferenc Dobre


Jucika Tiborné Fekete


András Futó


Ambrus Tamás Kiss

Event Manager

Erzsébet Lukács


Szilvia Nagyné Tóth


Gábor Szekér



Šárka Gabriel

Country Lead

Andrea Tittelová

Senior Fundraising and Partnership Manager

Katarína Koščíková

Development Manager

Tereza Vorlová

Program manager

Kateřina Zábojníková

Program manager

Jana Petrmanová

Marketing manager


Magdalena Chrząstowska

Country Lead

Anna Kamińska

Event Coordinator

Paulina Gruszczyńska

Program Specialist


Katarína Turčanová

Country Lead

Zuzana Morovičová

Program Specialist

Simona Eliášová

Fundraising & Event Specialist

Alexandra Tinková

Communication specialist

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Therapeutic Recreation

The short- and long-term effects of our methodology are also confirmed by research.

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Mission Statement

We change lives. We give back for seriously or chronically ill children their childhoods.

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A hidden wonderland surrunded by woods and fields in all direction.

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Help us restarting the childhood!

We change lives. Help us in our mission!