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GO! Hospital Outreach Program

The GO! Hospital Outreach Program brings the positive, playful spirit of Bátor Tábor to the children who cannot come and visit our campsite in Hatvan.

The real essence of the camp can be born next to the hospital beds, even during an afternoon: laughter, play, joy, the beginning of a new friendship. Trained GO! volunteers a piece of Bátor Tábor to the hospital beds.

The program is working in Hungary, Slovakia and in Poland as well.

During our weekly GO! Online programs our trained volunteers offer an opportunity for the kids to join a playful, joyful game even from a hospital bed.

Camps in Hatvan

In our 4-6 day long sessions from Spring to Fall, a lots of programs, friendships, a colorful community is waiting for the campers,


School Outreach Program

We support classes where a children with serious illness attends to. Besides that, the Online School Program is for every class, who wants to play online for a couple of hours.

School Outreach Program