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Camps in Hatvan

With the help of our volunteers we provide life changing experiences at our beautiful campsite in Hatvan, Hungary for those kids and teens who fight with oncological, chronical or other serious disease.

In our Summer Sessions we provide life-changing experiences for seriously ill kids aged 7-18 who live with:

  • cancer, leukaemia,
  • diabetes,
  • haemophilia,
  • are treated with IBD or JIA,
  • have had an organ transplant,
  • or have serious scoliosis.

In the fall we are waiting families who raise a child with serious illness under the age of 7. During the Family Camp besides creating a memorable experience for the entire family, we provide attention to the parents as well. Parents and children become a part of a supportive community where they can build their inner strengths together as a result of which they become more resilient as a family.

In the spring we are focusing to the relationship of siblings. In Siblings Sessions the healthy siblings come to the camp with their brother/sister who lives with a serious disease, and we provide equal attention for all of them. They all have their own activities during the day but in the course of exciting challenges and camp adventures, they will have the chance to find their way back to one another and strengthen their sibling relationship that the issues around the disease have often weakened.

We are there to provide some support when families are in their hardest time. Bereavement Camps offer a supportive environment for those families who have suffered the loss of a child in a serious disease, in an accident, or around the perinatal period. Laughing and crying goes hand in hand in the four-day camps where besides the usual camp activities, professional and experienced grief therapists organize programs for the parents and siblings. Bereavement camp is a three camp cycle with camps at 6 monthly intervals.  

GO! Hospital Outreach Program

Our well-trained volunteers visits the children in the hospital as well.

GO! program

Online programs

We organize online programs not only for children living with serious diseases, but also for families, classes, adults – basically for everyone!

Online programs