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We give courage even during the holidays

Unfortunately, this year as well, there are children who don't spend the holiday season at home, with their loved ones. With our GO! program, we are there for them even in these difficult times.

The volunteers of the GO! Hospital Outreach Program don’t rest even between Christmas and New Year’s. We don’t forget about those children who don’t spend Christmas, the winter break at home, so even at the very end of December in Budapest, they bring joy, play, and experience to hospitals.

Unfortunately, every year there are children who spend the holiday season in their hospital beds. They can’t go home to eagerly unwrap presents with their families. They don’t help with baking gingerbread cookies, don’t decorate trees, don’t gather around the Advent wreath this year. However, the GO! Companions bring play, experience, and smiles to hospitals before Christmas and between the two holidays, and something even more important: a piece of our community, a slice of Bátor Tábor. We believe that especially during this time, it’s crucial to make the power of togetherness and support felt. Because childhood, and holidays are everyone’s right!