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Have you run out of gift ideas?

Charity gift-card

Have you run out of gift ideas? Are you looking for an unusual, unique gift? By requesting a Bátor Card, you will support the therapeutic and recreational healing of children with cancer and serious illnesses on behalf of the beneficiary. The beneficiaries of the card can decide which Bátor Tábor Foundation program they would like to support with the amount on their card.

Please note: The card is available in Hungarian only. In case you would like to purchase Bátor Card for English clients or partners, please contact us.

What makes this a good gift

You can surprise your loved ones, relatives, friends, customers or partners with a unique and special gift.

It is an excellent alternative in comparison to the usual Christmas gifts.

You can give someone the feeling of “making the world a better place”.

Claiming a card

Thank you for choosing this special gifting opportunity! Enter your personal details and some information about the card you would like to obtain, and we will send you the card.

Value of the card?


Payment method

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Do yo accept the privacy policy and the information regarding donations?

Use the gift-card

Thank you for contributing to our mission by redeeming your Bátor Tábor gift card. Please, provide the necessary data and let us know which of our programs you intend to support with the amount on your gift card.

Using the gift-card