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Charity Running

Raise money for seriously ill children with sport!

All across Central Europe, the coolest sportmen of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic donate their kilometers for the sake of seriously ill children at various sport events. Besides the joy of physical exercise and health, you will definitely gain the heartwarming feeling that you have changed someone’s life.

Don’t hesitate, if you pursue another sport like swimming, biking, or hiking!

Let’s find out how to donate your kilometers for a good cause!

Charity Running in Hungary

Hungarian charity sport team, Élménykülönítmény is waiting for you!

Go to Élménykülönítmény!

Charity Running in Slovakia

Let’s join to the most enthusiastic runners of Slovakia!

Go to Tím Odvahy!

Charity Running The Czech Republic

Attention Czech sportsmen and women! Here you can find an extra motivation to do sports!

Go to Tým odvahy!

Charity running in Poland

Find out, how can you participate in Poland in the charity sport events!

Go to Bator Tabor Runners!