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Join the team of our regular donors!

Being in safe.

Have you ever wondered what all this feeling means?

Everyone who experiences mental and physical security, is able to evolve, has a chance to soar in any area of life. At Bátor Tábor we provide mental and physical security for seriously ill children and their families.

As a Bravemaker, the member of regular donors you also contribute to their safety.with your monthly donation as the secured operation of our foundation is their safety as well.

I’d like to help!

Being a Bravemaker is cool, because

    • Responsible

      You invest in our mission in a long-term, responsible way. You can be sure that your donation will be in the right hands with us.

    • Experience

      Once in a year we invite our donor to our camp in Hatvan, where you can experience the wonders of Bátor Tábor in person. In addition, by reading in our reports you can see what we spent your donation on, and also get a taste of the children’s experiences.

    • Simple

      You only have to set it up once, and you won’t have any duty with your donation later.

It is very important to us, because

    • It won’t work without you

      All of our programs are free of charge. All of our expenses are covered solely by donations from companies and individuals.

    • You gave us safety

      With your regular donations, we are able to plan and accomplish our programs in the long term and in a sustainable way.

    • We can evolve with you

      You are helping us to reach more more ill children every year.

10 Euro

For you

the prize of a pizza.

For us

the price of an arrow fling to the target on our family day’s archery program.


20 Euro

For you

5 cup of take-away coffee.

For us

a joyful laugh of a child who, thanks to you, can participate in our online program.


40 Euro

For you

a half tank of petrol.

For us

a training of a new volunteer of GO! Hospital Outreach Program, who make the children to forget their painful treatment.


This year, your help is more important than anything.

With your regular donation we can continue to host seriously ill children in our camp, on online programs, and visit them in the hospitals. Thank you!

I become a regular donor!