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Funding opportunities

In-kind donations


You can support Bátor Tábor with in-kind donations as well. In our wish list you can read what we would like to receive the most.

Choose something from our wish list or contact us. Thank you!

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  • laptops
  • mobile phones
  • flashdrives
  • external hard drives

Office equipment

  • stift glue
  • marker set
  • crayon set
  • liquid glue
  • crayon set
  • colored pencils
  • paper scissors
  • stapler
  • clipboard
  • universal labels
  • laminating films
  • copy papers (A4)
  • post-its
  • bluetacks
  • thin gluegun lining

Technical equipment

  • E14 bulbs (40W)
  • lampions
  • LED lamps and lanters
  • led string lights(2-3 m long, bright light, battery operated)

Audio equipment

  • speakers
  • amplifiers
  • earphone or headphone
  • earbuds

Sports equipment

  • ball (small or mediam size, soft plush or rubber)
  • slackline
  • poi / meteor
  • tight-wire
  • juggler hoop
  • juggling plate
  • juggling stick
  • rola bola center
  • bravo stick
  • tatami mat or gym mattress

Sanitary equipment

  • Anti-Bacterial hand sanitizer
  • disinfectant wipes
  • surgical masks


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